What Is Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

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When you enter the field of blogging, you get to hear a lot of new words, this is mainly because you never get a chance to read and hear about these blogging terms before.

When you have started reading about blogging – you must have read about SEO. I am sure you must have understood what SEO is. Why do SEO is the way to do it.

Before knowing about Black Hat SEO, it is necessary to have a brief discussion of SEO once because without it it is not possible to understand the concept of Black Hat SEO.

As you start a new shop, then there are many ways to attract the customer. This can range from the decoration of the shop to the quality of the products you sell.

Similarly, whenever we create a website or blog, from making a blog to publishing a post, we have to take those measures so that our site can come in Google’s search result. Unless the site does not appear in the search result or does not rank the page, visitors will not come to the site, which is our main objective.

To bring your post to page ranking, we take various measures which are called SEO in the web world.

white hat and black hat seo

SEO which has full form Search Engine Optimization. Search engine through which we search on some internet. Optimization means that the site owner does the job of making their site or blog search engine friendly so that the post can rank in the search result.

What is Black Hat SEO?

When you understand SEO, the question now arises what is Black Hat SEO. Actually, whenever we do On-Page SEO for our post, Google has its own criteria which is necessary to follow. If SEO is followed by this criteria, then it takes some time to get traffic to the site, but this method is permanent and beneficial for the future of the site.

If a site owner does not follow this criteria and incorrectly SEO to bring traffic to their site, which Google does not recognize, it is called Black Hat SEO. If you understand in the native language, it is a jugaad, to bring traffic to your site illegally.

This type of SEO is often used by new bloggers. They lack a little patience. Where eight-ten posts are not written, they start seeing traffic on their site. Black Hat SEO increases the chance of traffic to the site immediately but it has a bad effect on the site in future. Once the SEO is done wrongly, the site is banned from the search engine when it is seen by Google.

In such SEO, instead of keeping the readers’ priority in mind, the focus of Googlebot’s search term is focused on the loop hole, to increase traffic by dodging the search engine.

This type of strategy goes on for some time but it is not effective for long. There is an increased risk of penalties from Google.

Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO

As you may know from time to time Google keeps making changes in its search algorithm. Whenever Google does this, people who are fond of Black Hat SEO suffer heavy losses.

Some of Google’s best algorithms:

Florida: It penalties the site for keyword stuffing.
Panda: It reads the contents, commits penalties if found wrong.
Penguin: It does penalties for page linking done incorrectly.
Whenever Google makes changes in its algorithm to do penalties to Black Hat SEO, at that time millions of crores of sites get its effect. Which is done collectively by google.

But if you think that when there will be changes in the algorithm then you will see that it is wrong. If a site owner is engaged in this kind of black hat seo practice then first it reduces the traffic on Google site and informs through google search console that you can overcome this shortage. If understood, it has to be fixed and reported to google and a request is made to restore traffic.

If it does not improve, then Google excludes such a site from the search engine. In such a situation, you can imagine yourself that what would be the problem of that site. Organic traffic completely closed, think ahead of the result itself.

How to avoid Black Hat SEO

There are many things that are done to get quick traffic under Black Hat SEO:

1. Keyword Stuffing: There is a criteria of how many times you will use the keyword you have selected for the post. It is not that where there are scattered throughout the post. Using more keywords than limit is called Keyword Stuffing. Readers also get bored reading such posts. Google does not recommend this at all.
It is better to use the same word again and again and use a similar keyword ie LSI.

2. Comment Spamming: Sometimes auto generated comments come from spam site. Some people place such spam comment on other’s site. For some time, the site owner feels that this will be beneficial, but he has to bear the brunt of it going forward. Hence such spam comments should be avoided.

3. Cloaking: Such trick is commonly used in this
Is that the visitor sees something while the search engine sees something else. On one side, where the visitor sees the image, on the other hand, the crawler sees the keyword in html code.

4. Hidden Text: This is also similar to some cloaking. In this text and link are written in very small letters and hidden in the background color so that the readers cannot see it. Only the crawler can read such text and link.

5. Doorway Pages: This is a kind of fake page which is made by keeping the crawler in mind. Such page has nothing to do with the visitor.

6. Sneaky Redirect: Sometimes for some reason simply readers are redirected from one page to another, there can be many reasons, such as if you have deleted one page, in that case the link of that page to another page. Let’s redirect to Many times we change the name of the site. People also misuse it.

7. Link Scheme: Any work done artificially which affects the traffic count in black hat SEO. Deliberately weaving the link’s web. Apart from this, there are many wrong practices like

Incorrectly link that buy – sell
cross link means to exchange the link with another site
Guest posting and article marketing by putting anchor text of your keyword
Creating fake links through software and App

8. Malicious Site Behavior: Sites that incorrectly supply malware.

Apart from this, there are many types of Black Hat SEO Practice which Google has banned, such as deliberately putting spam comments on the site of your competitor.

Examples of White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO, unlike Black Hat SEO, is a way to get traffic to a site that Google approve. Apart from the crawler, readers are also taken care of. what does readers like? It may take some time to get traffic, but it is a sustainable way and there is no risk. Some examples of White Hat SEO:

1. Fair Content: There is a saying content is king. If the goods are good then customers reach them. Similarly, if the content of the post is good, then the readers reach there. The crawler always prioritizes good content in page ranking.

Suppose there are two education related sites. On one, only the question paper of the last few years is available while on the other the answer is also available with the question paper. Which site would the visitor like?

2. Keyword Research: Before writing any post, it is very important to do Keyword Research. With this, we get to know the status of our post, search competition, keyword similar to it. Longtail Keyword should be used for best results.

3. Use of Keyword: The keyword you are writing a post with should be used in an orderly manner. Some of the popular criteria for using Keyword are as follows:

Inside Title
Heading (H1)
First paragraph
Middle post
Meta tag
Alt tag
Title tag

Keep in mind that the main keyword should be used from one to two percent, not more than this. More than that, use LSI.

4. Post Structure: These are also an important part of a white hat seo. Often people do not pay attention to it. Let’s just write the post. Writing an SEO Friendly Post is an art, which is important to understand. This is the thing that attracts the readers directly.

5. Link Building: Link building is liked by both crawler and visitor. For this, it is important to understand the backlink strategy.
Building is an important part of SEO.

6. Guest Posting: Write a guest post on another site and leave your link there.

Apart from this, there are some ways through which authentic backlink can be created.

What is good Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

Now the question arises what is good? Black Hat SEO is good if it needs immediate results, but it also has dangers.

At the same time, White Hat SEO may take some time to bring traffic but it is sustainable. The post is written keeping it in the eyes of the readers, so its visitors are permanent and come again and again. There is also no risk of ban from Google.

Hope you liked this post. If there is any kind of confusion, please comment. Share your friends so that others can also benefit.


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