Website Audit Checklist For Beginners 2020

Get Top Website Audit Checklist Complete Guide For Beginners 2020

Dear OzoWeb users today we bring new info for the SEO beginners 2020 SEO Website Audit Checklist 2020 and also tell so many useful tips to get more SEO tips to rank on google and also tell that how can you set your SEO title & Mata descriptions and too many things that you need to know and help to increase your website ranking on google.

So the users if you want to get all this info without paying any amount of money then you need to read this blog post to the end of the page and get a complete guide for Website Audit Checklist 2020.

What Is a Website Audit Checklist?

When a user makes its own website then the web developer is must need to know that the website is fully following the google guidelines and rules and also check for website UX & UI. The website audit is a process to know that your website is perfect or not for google ranking. As you know that every website need to clear performance to rank on google. Website Audit Checklist the best to know that your what is position your website on google and also tell that what changes are needed to rank on google and get more traffic.

So we can say that if you want to make best and google ranking website then you need to know all about Website Audit Checklist and the good news is that in this blog post we tell all about website audit checklist that how can you get rank or also tell that what changes are need to do on your website.

What Title Tags Are Need?

  • The Title tag must unique & Fix
  • Title length need under 571 pixels
  • You need to write the main keyword in the title of a post.
  • And now you need to visit the page title checklist for good SEO results.

About Meta Tags

  • Is Mata Tag unique and descriptive?
  • Right length Mata Tag below 930 pixels
  • In Mata Tag contain the keyword without overstuffing.

Duplicates In Website Audit

  • Check for duplicate meta descriptions
  • And also check any duplicate title tags

Web URLs

  • Make an easy to read and remember URL
  • URL must be made of words instead of parameters and session IDs
  • URL unique, and contain keywords

Directory structure Of Web Site

  • When you make your website then your website directory structure is most important to the rank of google so you need to check your URL is good or not.

Breadcrumb lists Of Web

  • Breadcrumb is the best way to allow your users to travel your website easily navigable breadcrumb lists.

XML sitemap Web Site

  • When you complete your website then you need to submit your Sitemap on Google’s Webmaster Tools that Google crawls all pages of your website
  • On google website master if you want that some pages are not for crawls then you can change it or fix it.

Page Loading Time

  • This id the most important part of your website to rank on google.
  • If your website loading speed is not fast then you google removed your website on top websites of google.

Keywords For A Website

  • If you can use the best tools just like Google Analytics or website rank checker to find out which keywords are rank on google or which one is not rank on google.
  • Now you need to check which keywords are rank on trading or not with the use of Keywords research tools.

Website content

  • Your website content is must need to unique.
  • And also your post content is lengthy and most searchable in peoples.
  • Content is the most important part of a website to rank on google.

Alt-text For Images

  • Add Alt Text to your post images.
  • Most thing is that alt-text must has your post keyword

Post Headings H1

  • You need to add your post headings with the sequences of H1 H2 H3.
  • And also check that your post main keywords include your heading.

Post Links

  • You need to do Internal or External linking in your web post.
  • Linking is the most part to rank on google or get more traffic on google.

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