Best W3 Total Cache Settings 2020

How to do W3 Total Cache Plugin Installation and Settings

Friends, if your website and blog do not have good loading speed, you are worried about this because if the loading speed of the website is not good, then your ranking will not be good in Google search. You guys are wondering how to increase the loading speed, here I have brought you the information about the W3 Total Cache Plugin. This plugin is most popular among developers and bloggers due to its feature. Because results are great in increasing the speed of WordPress website and blog. This plugin has more than 1 Million active installed. Which will improve your website speed by installing and configuring it. This plugin is a tested and most used plugin. W3 Total Cache Plugin will provide complete information on how to increase the loading speed of your website.

What is W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that is installed to increase the loading speed of the website. This plugin saves the pages visited by the user frequently so that the website gets loaded quickly. It is available both free and Paid. You can use its free version. This plugin is most commonly used in WordPress.

Why should I use the W3 Total Cache Plugin?


Website Loading has great importance in increasing the ranking of the website. If the loading speed of your website will not be good, then your ranking will not be good in Google Search. Due to having a CDN in the W3 Total Cache Plugin, it reduces the download time. If you do not know about CDN then read this post – How to setup CDN?

How to Install W3 Total Cache Plugin?

Before installing the W3 Total Cache Plugin, check that you have not installed any other Cache Plugin. If done, delete or deactivate it.

Now you can download the W3 Total Cache Plugin by going to the WordPress Dashboard Plugin.

If you do not know how to download Plugin – then how to install Plugin in WordPress?

You can download the W3 Total Cache plugin for free from If you want, you can upgrade it to a premium version but the free version is with good features. Before installing W3 Total Cache, check that there is no other cache plugin installed on your site. If another caching plugin is installed, delete or deactivate it first. Login the admin in your dashboard to install the W3total Cache plugin

And click WP Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New.

How to set up W3 Total Cache Plugin?

Activate it after installing the W3 Total Cache Plugin. As soon as you activate the plugin, a new menu named Performance will appear in the WordPress Dashboard. w3 total cache plugin In this, you have to click on the General Setting Option. This will open a lot of options. In this article, I am going to tell you about the w3total cache installation and W3 Total Cache Plugin setting configuration.

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3 W3 Total Cache Installation
4 W3 Total Cache Main Settings
4.1 1. Page Cache Setting
4.2 2. Minify Setting
4.3 3. Database Cache
4.4 4. Object cache
4.5 5. Browser cache
4.6 Extensions Support
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W3 Total Cache is a cache plugin as you know. The cache plugin, pages that are visited by the visitor frequently, are saved by keeping them in cache, which increases the response time of the server and increases the loading speed of the website. is The W3 Total Cache Plugin improves your website loading speed and improves user experience. The W3 cache plugin FREE + PREMIUM is available in both versions. You can also fasten your website loading speed by using its free version.

Key Features of W3 Total Cache Plugin

The loading speed of the website is considered an important ranking factor. If your website takes too long to load, your site will not be able to rank in search results and visitors will not like visiting your site, no matter how well you have written the article. This plugin is also useful for keeping the user’s bounce rate. W3 Total Cache Plugin Content delivery network (CDN) integration is also present which reduces download times.It also provides features of file minification and GZIP compression to reduce W3 Total Cache loading time.

Google has also told Seo Ranking Factor that the Faster loading site gets a good rank in search engines. Here I will tell you about the settings and configuration of W3 Total Cache so that you can get the top rank in Google search result by improving the loading speed of your website.

After that search W3 Total Cache and then install it in your blog or website. Activate the plugin after installing it, as soon as you activate the plugin you will see a new menu item on your dashboard named Performance. W3 Total Cache is a very advanced cache plugin and it has many setting options that can confuse you here but I will provide you information about its main setting. First of all, you have to click on the General Settings option, here you will see many options.

1. Page Cache Setting

Page cache: Enable the Page Cache Option given in it. Page cache generates static HTML files from your WordPress blog. When a visitor visits your WordPress blog, it sees the static HTML files the visitor generates instead of the WordPress PHP scripts. Which makes the loading speed of your WordPress website and blog fast and reduces the load on the server as well.

Page Cache Method: If you have Shared Hosting, then in this option, select Select Disk: Enhanced option. Then click on Save all settings.

2. Minify Setting

Reducing server load by compressing javascript and CSS files in your site. To enable this option and leave the other settings default. After activating the Minify setting, visit your site to see if any issues are coming up or not, if there is no problem, enable it, if the site is experiencing problems, then you can disable it Give

If you are using Cloudflare minification to minimize Javascript and CSS in your site, then disable it.

3. Database Cache

In the database cache option you have to select Disable. Bluehost and Hostgator recommend disabling database cache and object cache.

Database Cache: Disabled

4. Object cache

You also have to select Disable in the Friends Object cache option.

Object Cache: Disabled

5. Browser cache

In browser cache settings, you have to select enabled. This reduces your server load and also reduces Response Time.


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