What Are The Top Techniques For SEO?

Top SEO Techniques For Beginners 2020

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What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is what is called on-page SEO, which is used within a blog post to rank a blog or website on the first page of a search engine, it is called On-Page SEO. In direct language, whatever SEO techniques are used while writing posts in blogs, it is called On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO Serch is the most important part of Engin Optimization. It helps you to get a good rank in search results. This technique is used to rank a targeted keyword in a blog post. If you are an expert in doing On-Page SEO, then you can easily rank any of your blog posts in search engines.

If you use On-Page SEO techniques well in your blog or website. So your website will rank quickly and website traffic will also increase.

Why is On-Page SEO Important?

We do not know much about On-Page SEO. Just know that keywords have to be used in it. But this is not completely true. Yes, keywords have to be used in this, but apart from this there are many factors, we do not know about it.

If you have to rank your blog or website on the first page in Serch Engin, then you cannot direct such. To rank a blog, it is necessary to rank the posts that are written on the blog. Being ranked in the blog post search engine increases both the domain authority and traffic of the blog, it benefits the blog.

This is the purpose of on-page SEO. Let’s optimize the article well so that the search engine can easily identify that article on its Targeted Keyword.

On-Page SEO Techniques 2020

Post Titel:-

Titel is a very important part of Blog Post, its use shows both visitors and search engines on which topic your blog post is based on, or which keyword is targeted.

Post title should be written in such a way that more and more people click on it. This will help you in increasing the ranking in search engines. Post titel I should have information about that post. Titel’s lenth may not be so much, it may not be fully visible in the search results, and there should be little.

Permalink Structure:-

Along with Titel, the Permalink Structure (Blog Post URL) is also an important part of On-Page SEO. You should create a permalink according to your blog title and using your targeted keywords.

While making permalink, just keep in mind that if the title of the blog post is big, then make permalink smaller. Permalink I have to use targeted keywords, this will make your Url Seo friendly.

Heading Tags:-

Heading tags are not considered more important than SEO Ranking. The post titel is called H1 Tag. These Heading Tags are from H1, H2 to H6. Using H2, H3 and H4 in Heading tags well in the article can improve search engine rankings.

Meta Description:-

This is the information of your blog post. In Serch Result, the description or information that is under Titel and Permalink of your website is called Meta Description. You can easily rank a blog post by using Meta Description well. Writing Meta Description in SEO Optimize and Attractive way will increase both your ranking and traffic.

Keyword Density:-

Keyword Density means where and how much space to use in your Focus Keyword article, it is called Keyword Density. Whichever keyword you are writing the article on. Use keywords similar to that keyword in the article.

It must be remembered that Keyword Density should not be more than 1.5%. Nowadays Keyword Density is not given much importance, instead, it is necessary to have Content High Quality.

Keyword Research:-

Doing Keyword Research is an important part of this On page seo. If you write a High Qality post on your blog but do not do keyword research, then your articles will not rank in Serch Engin. There are many free or paid tools which can help you in Keyword Research related to your article.

Google keyword planner

Use Long-Tail Keywords:-

Long Tail Keywords are very important in increasing website traffic. These keywords rank well in SERPs due to low competition or good conversion rates. For example, writing this keyword on-page SEO techniques in Hindi instead of On-Page seo in Hindi.

Image Optimization:-

The image is used to make blog posts attractive. Now, instead of reading, people identify by looking at more and more images whether they will get the information they want at this place. For this reason, the image started to be used in the article, due to which the ranking in the search engine also started increasing.

While using the image, use your keywords in the alt tag of the image. If the image used for the blog post is of high quality and low size, then the Loading Speed ​​of the website will also increase.

Do Internal Linking:-

Internal linking is done from one post to another to increase user engagement. With this, if there is more traffic on one of your blog posts, you can increase traffic by giving a link to other blog posts in that post.

Do External Linking:-

When we add a link to another blog in my post, it is called External Linking. Wherever some reference has to be given in your post, you can give an external link at that place.

Post Content:-

Content is King! If your content is good, or you have written High Quality Content, then you can easily rank at the top of Serch Engin. That’s why Content is called King. While writing the post, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the post. But the post must have useful and informative information.

With this, you can keep users engeg for maximum time on your blog post. If users stay on your website for a long time, then the bouns rate of your website will also be low. Because of this, DA and PA will help your website improve.

Loading Speed:-

The search engine is crawling the website and web all the time. This keeps the search engine checking the Loading Speed ​​of the website, and the loading speed of the website is also seen before ranking on the search results.

Posts with Fast Loading Speed ​​are quickly ranked in the search engine. The bounce rate is also low due to loading speed. If your site is built on WordPress, you can optimize the speed of the website using plugins like Wp Rocket.

Make A Mobile-Friendly Website:-

To make blog posts easily ranked in search engines, you should optimize your website Mobile friendly. So first of all check that your site is mobile friendly. If your site is not Mobile Friendly, then Google will downgrade your ranking.

Nowadays, most searches are done on mobile devices. That’s why check that your website looks good on mobile. If you can read about Google’s Mobail first indexing from here.

Social Share Buttons:-

Use Social Sharing Buttons in every post, so that readers can easily share your posts on their favorite social platforms. Social signals indirectly help in ranking your site.

On-Page SEO Techniques 2020:-

  • Use the Targeted Keyword in the title.
  • Use the targeted keyword in the permalink.
  • Use your targeted keyword in ALT Tag.
  • Use long-tail keywords in the content.
  • Use the related keyword.
  • Keep the keyword density to a minimum.
  • Make URL Seo friendly.
  • Use Image and Video in Content
  • Make the website mobile-friendly.
  • Fix Broken links
  • Use the social share button.

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