9 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Traffic

In today’s world, google has so many chrome extensions that are used by many SEO experts but still many SEO experts don’t know about the chrome extensions. today I’m going to share nine awesome Google Chrome extensions that’ll increase your website traffic.

1. SEOquake.

The SEO Quake is one of the best tool for chacking or understanding your website competitor’s website ranking. And these extensions give you so many helpful ideas and what can you do for your site ranking. SEO tool is a free and one of the awesome tools that can tall every info about your website competitors targeting keywords and also informed about the domain name and page rank info for the web ranking results.

2. MozBar

The MozBar google extensions have provides many details for the users just like link date analysis, (DA)domain authority. And this chrome extension has provided a web page that works on or allows you to get details about reviews for title and description and also website schema or mark-up page. The MozBar chrome extensions also have many page-level option as well as and also have a page matrics that are used to show you and find the details PA(Page Authority) & DA(Domain Authority) or linking domain names.

3. BuzzStream BuzzMarker.

The google chrome have so many awesome tools and the BuzzStream BuzzMarker also come in awesome tools for check networking, Link building, Outreach, Guest Posting. And also specifications in these extensions are that it crawl every site that you visit and find out all contact details for the people with the website. These extensions also helps to know the reporters, content marketers, and editors. I also use this extension when I visit the latest news and technical sites and also heavy content websites.

4. TubeBuddy

This is the awesome google chrome extensions for your video marketing strategy just like suppose you see a video on youtube then the extensions tall every info about the video view counts, uses tags. And These extensions helps you when you upload your own youtube video this extension suggests the tags and also helps for choosing metadata with your video. This extension is very important when you upload your youtube video. And so many tools in the market that provide free services for the users just like Ubersuggest.

5. Buffer

Buffer is one of the greatest tool extensions form google chrome and it is used for personal branding and also increasing your authority as you post your content to your followers. It is used to share your website content to all your social site profiles. And it is also allowed to keep scoring my audience in all the social profiles. You also update your social site profiles to use this extension.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is the awesome and also my favorite google chrome extensions. The reason behind using this extension is that when I’m doing my website content works and do my mail works it tells me all about my mistakes in my blog and emails. And now these extensions have many paid versions but I’m using the free version of these chrome extensions because the free version is enough to make your content correct and your mails and also your WordPress blogs. So these extensions is very good to use and helping to create easy content for your website.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the best extension to create new content for your website. It makes many ideas for your website and blogs targeting niche keywords. For example, if you visit any web page it tells about how many shares on social media, unique page uses and also backlinks. It helps in know what content you need to make.

8. Save to Pocket

Save Pocket is the best extension for researching the content for your article and make strong your content. It is a collection of such information and it is used by so many content creators and folks with the large following. This is also the best tool for you because by this tool you can save your content to post it latter.

9. Check My Links

The tool Check my links is mostly used for checking the link building strategy. It works on links just like it is telling about that which links good for your website and which links are bad. So we can say that this extension is most useful to SEO experts and the users.

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