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RTPS is a scheme run by the Bihar state government, from which you can create caste proof, income certificate, and basic residence (housing) certificate from your smartphone and computer at home. Due to the RTPS, you will not have to eat in the government offices and you will not have to stand in the crowd anywhere.

With RTPS you can apply for an online caste, income and basic residence certificate sitting at home and can also verify it while sitting at home. Information on RTPS itself has been given in this article.

In which is RTPS Bihar? What is RTPS full form? How to make an online certificate from RTPS Bihar? How to apply for rtps rti certificate ?. As is the answer to the questions.


RTPS Bihar Online Certificate

RTPS has a full form RIGHT TO PUBLIC SERVICE. As its name, it provides you the facility and you do not have to work hard to apply through RTPS. You can use it easily. RTPS is designed for the use of the people of Bihar state only and you can easily apply using it from your smartphone or computer within minutes.

We hope that you have come to know how your time and money is saved in making government documents with RTPS. We will tell you further in this post, how you can apply for a caste, income and principal residence certificate from RTPS.


RTPS Bihar, apply for residence and income certificate

Below we have told you some easy steps, by following which you can apply for your certificates online.


Step 1: First of all you need to have an internet browser in your phone or computer, if you have a Chrome browser, it would be better.


Now you have to search Bihar Public Service’s official site RTPS in your browser on Google and you will see the official site of RTPS at the top, you have to click on it. Otherwise you can also go to RTPS website by clicking on the link given below.


Step 2: After opening the RTPS site, you will see online written on one side, you have to select it.


Step 3: Then a page will open, but you will have written three information, which is shown in the photo below, you have to do “I AGREE” there, which means that you agree with the information.


Step 4: Then you will be asked that you want to get your certificate from where you are. Currently you live outside Bihar, you can get it from Bihar Bhawan, New Delhi and if you live in Bihar only. You can get it from your area office.


Step 5: Now you have to fill your name in both Hindi and English languages, then you have to choose which certificate you want to make and then you have to fill your mobile number.


Step 6: Then you will get a verification OTP code on your number, you have to fill it and then click on Next.


Step 7: Then a new page will open in front of you, where you have to fill all your information correctly and click on Next.


So in this way you can apply for an online caste, income and basic residence certificate through RTPS. We hope that you will be able to apply easily with the help of these steps.


Verify RTPS Bihar Online Certificate

If you have applied for a caste, income and original residence certificate on online RTPS and want to see if your application has been successful or by when your certificate will come, then you found it very easily. Can.


For this you will only need the application ID, which you will have got while applying. Now all you have to do is go to the official site of RTPS. After this you have to click on Application Status and put your Application (Application) ID there, from which you will get the information.


RTPS will be very beneficial for you and you can easily make your certificates from it.


One thing to keep in mind, when you go to get a certificate, you must take any photo proof of your ID such as Aadhar card, identity card or license. So that there is no problem in getting any certificate.


Understand RTPS with Video

If you are facing any problem or problem in the above step, then you can see this video below. In which through video, how to apply? It has been told that you will not have much trouble understanding it.

We hope that you have understood what RTPS is and how to apply for certificates sitting at home. If you have any question or suggestion, then do let us know in the comment.


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