IMC Business Plan

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IMC Business Plan

Today’s article will talk about IMC, also known as IMC Business and International Marketing Corporation Private Limited.

IMC has been expanding over the past few years and has been making a lot of promises related to health. In this article, the main questions related to IMC like what is IMC Business? What is an IMC product? What is the IMC MLM Business Plan? What is the benefit of IMC? What is the IMC Tulsi product? Connected to IMC or not? I will discuss

You can see this post as IMC Review. Where you will get to know about IMC and get familiar with IMC.

IMC Business Plan

What is IMC?

IMC is also known as IMC Business. The IMF’s full form is “International Marketing Corporation”. Accordingly, the full name of this company is “International Marketing Corporation Private Limited”.

IMC started in 2007, with Ashok Bhatia as its chairman and Satyan Bhatia managing director. IMC has its head office in Ludhiana, Punjab.

IMC is an MLM direct selling company, most of its products are based on health care. IMC is a member company of IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association).


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What is an IMC Business Plan?

Talking about the business plan of IMC, the person here has to join as a direct seller, which is also where the associates have gone.

Where every direct seller

  • The company’s product has to be bought and sold and
  • Add new people to your network.

There will be income on these two works and we can calculate it through an income plan.


How to deal with IMC?

Before looking at the IMC Income Plan, we know how to get connected with IMC? So to connect to IMC as a direct seller, there are two ways.

  1. First offline in which you have to go to the direct seller of any IMC and give them the necessary information.
  2. The second way is online, where you have to go to the official site of IMC and fill the registration form.

To join IMC you need to 

  • Passport size your photo
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • And to give bank account details.

IMC Business Plan

How to make money with IMC? 

Now, let’s see how much selling through your network you will get. So your profit depends entirely on the total BV (Business Volume) you have done.

Performance Bonus (Direct Selling Income)

The performance bonus is given by you on the purchase of the company’s product. When you are using the product yourself or selling it to others, then you get a performance bonus.

If you take a product of Rs 1000 from the company, then you get 400 BV. That is, an average of 1 BV = 2.5 rupees is in the IMC, different BVs are determined on different products.

Now your purchase profit depends on this chart.


BV (Business Volume) Profit

1001-7500 10%

7501-25000 20%

25001-75000 25%

75001-150000 30%

150001 + 35%


Example: If you have purchased 1001 BV from a company, then you will get 10% profit. After purchasing 1001 BV, if you buy a product of 1000 rupees from the company, then you will get a profit of 100 rupees according to 10%.


Now when you buy from a product company of 7501 BV (Rs 18753), you will now get 20% profit. Accordingly, on the next purchase of 1000 rupees you will get 200 rupees.


Network marketing income

The second income can be called network marketing income. Because you also add people on your bottom side and you will get income on the product they buy.

 Example: Person A joins B and C below him. Now the BV of B and C will get some percentage profit on it. This profit will be counted by this formula.


(Level of A – Level of Downline) × BV of Downline

As A is B below the person, A is at 20% level by 7001 BV and B is at 10% level by 1001 BV. B purchases a total of 1000 BV (Rs 2500 on average) this time. So the income due to A due to B will be counted as such.

(20% – 10%) × 1000 BV = 100 rupees.

Similarly C also buys 1000 BV, then A will get 100 rupees due to C.

Therefore, the more people in the network and the more you buy, the higher the profit.

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IMC Business Plan

Other bonus

After these two incomes, other bonuses also meet the IMC. In which leadership fund, travel fund, bike fund, car fund are available. But very few people get this fund, because too much work has to be done for it. According to me maybe only 1% people will have got all these funds in IMC.


What is an IMC product?

It is very important to see the IMC Product List if connecting to the IMC. Because if the product is not economical in every MLM company, then there is no point in joining the company.

You can see the product price list of IMC here.

  • IMC New Product Price List with BV PDF Download


Talk about the product of IMC, in the product list of IMC, there are products of health care, personal care, grocery.

Talking about the price, MRP of IMC 100 ml Almond Hair Oil is Rs 325. The 100 ml pack of Almond Oil from Bajaj, the best-known company of Almond Oil, is priced at Rs 63.

Most of the products of the same IMC are priced higher, so marketing the IMC product according to the price is difficult.


IMC connected or not?

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of joining IMC Business, this decision will be yours. IMC is an Indian MLM company and its income plan is also good, but it is difficult to understand other MLM company plans.

Talking about the same product, the product is overpriced, so IMC is not so effective even in the case of the product.

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IMC Business Plan


We hope that you liked this article on IMC Business and you have understood the IMC Business Plan. If you have any question or suggestion on our post on IMC Business, then do let us know in the comment.



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