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“These times During these unprecedented times, digital dependence among Indians has increased rapidly. Google Trends is an amazing tool and is very easy to use Google Trends that can help you understand trending searches on Google. And often gives interesting insights into the topic’s keyword popularity and media coverage. This provides us with information about which keywords are currently trending (searching) over a certain period of time on Google search. Many webmasters, marketers and other professionals use it to understand their audience better. Google Trends revolves around keywords. Google Trends refers to the popularity of a keyword since the search on Google is done by typing the keyword in the Google search bar. Using Google Trends makes it almost impossible to understand the actual popularity of a keyword. Compliments to an original search query make Google Trends an incredibly valuable tool for keyword research. google trend in India It is also possible to compare some keywords and see their relative popularity. And Google Trends reveals this

The report highlights the top findings and five consumer trends

related to us under each of these:

It does not provide accurate search numbers for keywords. It is the biggest weakness of its Google trends. Netizens are making good use of their time. However, there are some major disadvantages of Google trends that many professionals find other tools to understand. Let’s use what people are looking for and Google search trends. And to help understand the powerful implications from search trends, Google India has released its report WhatsApp India Search for Brands report. Sapna Chadha, senior country marketing director for South East Asia and India at Google, said, “As people are jolted from their routines and forced to re-evaluate decisions that are less than previously thought Were required, we see what they do. How people search These reports provide initial information about what has happened to how the needs and behaviors of fellow people can develop as they seek to gain a sense of balance.

Which doesn’t help people doing extensive keyword research much. In most cases, Google Trends will recommend very clear and small numbers of keywords that are somehow associated with the keyword, another important feature that is missing from Google Trends – the ability to see high amounts of keywords that your keywords The main topics of research are surrounded.

1. Power To Know More:

By diligently understanding how things work, all Indians are coming online to enrich their knowledge base while increasing their skill levels, seeking recognition for their purchasing decisions. Questions in the health category have recently moved towards “immunity” (+ 500%). Searches for vitamin C, which increased by 40% in 2019, have risen by more than 150% in recent weeks, such as herbs with “medicinal properties” such as “Giloy” (Giloy) (380%) and Ayurvedic home remedies. Have questions for ”(Tough) (90%). Consumers strictly follow responses to searches related to advanced skill sets such as “home in the gym” (+ 93%), “5 minute recipes” (+ 56%) as well as “machine learning” (3X) and “data science” Looking for (3X). With the majority of users being homebound, questions such as “learn online” (+ 85%), “read online” (+ 148%), and “learn at home” (78%) have also risen higher.


2. Always On: lifeline, Not a Distraction:

Mall closures and the non-availability of ration distribution have prompted consumers to search for chemists and grocery stores around their geographic locations. “Always-on search” has become an established habit for Indian consumers. Another interesting discovery was that even in the wake of COVID-19, consumers are looking for the “best” of what they want and businesses that can help them find it. “Best search, which has seen consistently high growth in India, continues to grow despite the current scenario. Because of this, “near me” searches have seen heavy ups and downs since March 2020. Queries like “I have pharmacy” (+ 58%), “I have grocery delivery” (+ 550%), “Ration Dukan” (+300)), and “I have doctor” (+ 60%) are fast. Have become normal. Adjusted by the idea of ​​limited mobility. They include questions like “Best Movies” (+ 35%) and “Best Trading Platform” (+ 45%) on YouTube. 2019 saw significant upsides in queries such as “Best Headset” (+ 140%), “Best / Top 2W Insurance” (+ 116%), and “Best Mattress” (+ 150%), “Best in 2020” searches.

3. Tap and Deal:


Queries such as “how to pay electricity bill online” (+ 180%) andelectricity bill check (check electricity bill) (+ 80%) are seeing a boom. With social distant lifestyles being the new normal, cash transactions are taking a backseat. Many consumers are now relying on online resources to take care of their long-term and short-term financial goals. This also shows an increase in searches such as “Overnight Mutual Funds” (411%) and “Mutual Funds to Investment” (249%)

4. Personalize, Adapt and Humanize:

They want multi-moment brands to understand their likes, dislikes and interests based on their online footprints. Despite unprecedented scenarios, consumers continue to project that, in fact, 1 in every 2 consumers is seeking personal information from brands by searching for questions like “how to homeschool children” and “how to do WFH”. Well, while custom merchandise has seen a slight decline, privatization is clearly here to stay.

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5. Anywhere, Anything, Anytime On Demand:

This new development is evidence of increased searches for “consult an online doctor” (+ 60%), “collaborative software” (+ 40%), and “free video dating” (+ 70%). The demand for such near-instant gratification actually led traditional businesses toward the digital axis to meet P “If I could get a taxi or pizza on demand, why not everything else?” Indians, especially the youth, are trying to move towards a hassle-free and convenient lifestyle with the help of on-demand services. This changing mindset is inspired by a very simple logic:

Going digital two-hour reading, reading, learning and looking for ideas on how those producers can live indoors. It is essential to help brands unravel the secret of seeing their target audience but as people are forced to adopt new behaviors, they begin to see the value of sticking with them even after the epidemic is over. Can. We hope that these information will help marketers find answers to what is important and what is here to stay. ”

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