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Dear users today we discuss how to do Boost SEO using the XML Sitemaps and also discuss that what is XML Sitemap SEO sitemap, Types of Sitemaps, Ect.

So if you want to know about all the details about XML Sitemaps or Boost SEO then you need to read this post at the end of the page.

What is XML Sitemap?

The term XML Sitemap means it is a collection of website URLs. It is also working to telling the search engines what content is posted on the website and to get it easily.

XMl SItemap

In this diagram, we see that a normal search engine collects some pages form a website in one time visiting the site.

On this website five times interlinking to find on page nine.

The XML Sitemap sample site map is able to access the crawlers faster than indexing that is most important to a website.

  • A website has deep architecture or too many webpages.
  • Add new frequently pages
  • Update of changing in the website content.
  • The website has very poor internal linking.

Key Takeaway

Without using key takeaway With XML Sitemap if a search engine can find your site URLs.

There is not fixed that an XML Sitemap gets your crawled pages. Mueller time t shirt, Once your site index or ranked then you take a chance.

XML Sitemap Formate

XML Sitemap:

XML Sitemap Format

Loc (a.k.a. Location) Tag

This is a necessary tag to contain to the fixed canonical type of a website URL location.

If your international website then shows about that where your website herflang healding.

By utilizing the XHTML: interface credit to show the language and locale varieties for each URL, you decline page load time, which distinctive utilization of associated parts in the or HTTP headers can’t offer.

Yoast has an epic post on hreflang for those expecting to discover additional.

Lastmod (Last Modified) Tag

This is the best tag to check the last modified content or post last time & date.

A report tells that google uses (the index journal) this tag to check to last date & time to modified a website post. If the web post is crawled.

The last time modified content is very difficult to know and who is the original publisher of this post.

Changefreq (Change Frequency) Tag

It is also an optional tag that uses for the how-to change URL to a search engine.

According to Mueller, a changed frequency does not play the main role in XML Sitemaps. It is good to specify timestamps directly.

Priority Tag (web.xml)

This tag tell about the priority of the website post between 0.0 to 1.0.

It works as just like a hint for google and we can’t ignore it.

Key Takeaway

If you are going to develop a website then you need an XML sitemap (what does the last og stand for) but it not compulsory.

For submitting the right URL on your website then you need to use Lastmod tags for eject attention.

What Kind of Sitemap?

There too many types of an XML Sitemap. In this article, we tell some important types of XML Sitemap.

XML Index Sitemap

Limitation Of Sitemaps

  • A Sitemap can submit max. 50000 URLs.
  • TO submitting the uncompressed file size is ma. 50MB.

Usually, a sitemap can compress the file using gzip the file to save you file but a single unzipped file the internal screaming, sitemap screaming internally, (google form header image size) can’t cross its limit.

If you cross the sitemap limit then you need to divide the URLs to other XML Sitemap.

Those sitemaps would then be able to be joined into a solitary XML sitemap record document, frequently named sitemap-index.xml.

For incredibly enormous sites that need to adopt an increasingly granular strategy, e flux journal you can likewise make various sitemap record documents. Some examples of a sitemap.

  • sitemap-index-products.xml
  • sitemap-index-articles.xml
  • sitemap-index-categories.xml

If you submit your site URL(boost coverage map) once time then a search engine can easily get your URL those you want to show.

You need to submit your website post URL on Bing or Google google screaming ad webmaster(group break checklist).

And your index sitemap also in the robot.txt file.

Robot.Txt file sitemap

Image XML Sitemap

In the XML Sitemaps, the Image Sitemap is most important in today’s SEO world and it is designed for indexing your image optimization.

It is very useful to optimize your website SEO and improve your website ranking on search engines.

Image sitemap is very important to crawl your image sitemap in your site budget. you are investigating the use of website and url content,

In an E- Commercial website or Image stock photo the image sitemap will be a help to improve your business online and your website ranked high on google.

Video XML Sitemap

It is also the same with Image XML Sitemap if your business has video then you need to crawl this video on the webmaster to improve your business.

A video sitemap (sitemap website) is not necessary for your site business. You can save your crawl budget for increasing your website pages with

Google News XML Sitemap

This sitemap ins only for google register sites.

In this sitemap, you published a unique article that word limit is up to 1200 words and all your post updated with new content.

And one important thing is that the google news sitemap doesn’t support the google image URL(ping sitemap).

Mobile Sitemap

It is also a part of XML sitemaps(how to search a website) but this XML Sitemap is not very important to your featured website.

HTML XML Sitemap

HTML sitemaps are most important to the users or owners of the website because of this XML(XML full form) sitemap works for creating a human user content for the website.

Why you need the HTML sitemap? If you have a website on google and you need to see your crawled website pages views and if your web page results not good to see then you need to go on HTML site(love parameter). its Mueller time t-shirt.

HTML sitemap usually works for footer sitemaps (sitemap for blogger) and taking all site URLs.

Dynamic Sitemap

Dynamic Sitemap (image dynamics) is a very important sitemap for website developers. Because in this sitemap the website post automatically updates your website content and also website changes.

The static sitemaps (XML sitemap for blogger) are simple and easy to create for a user. In this sitemap the main problem that every user can face that it is not auto-update any post or content.

The process to create Dynamic Sitemap (dynamic search ads would be most helpful for:)

  • To create a dynamic sitemap you need to install a dynamic XML sitemap tool.
  • And now you need to install your plugin for your CMS.

XML Indexation Optimization

XML sitemap only for SEO Relevant

In the easy words, an XML sitemap(max fun drive) is processed a crawled web pages and is not compulsory to every page.

Pursuit arachnid land at your site with a “stipend” for what number of pages it will creep.

You are utilizing it to tell web crawlers “I’d truly value it on the off chance that you’d center around these URLs specifically.”

Basically, it encourages you to use a creep spending plan adequately.

  • Non-canonical pages.
  • Duplicate pages.
  • Paginated pages.
  • Archive pages.
  • Share via email URLs.
  • Robot.Txt has blocked any missing pages or other website error pages.
  • Parameter or session ID-based URLs.
  • Pages with noindex.

Sitemap Reporting

sitemap-report For GSC

In the new version of google webmaster or google search console, the sitemap is not working as to reach the data.

Now it is used for confirmation your submitting website URLs are successfully indexed.


In the event that you have decided to utilize illustrative naming shows, as opposed to numeric, you can likewise figure out the quantity of various sorts of SEO pages that have been “found” – otherwise known as all URLs found by Google by means of sitemaps just as different techniques, for example, following connections.

In the new GSC, the more important region for SEOs as to sitemaps is the Index Coverage report.

Coverage report for gsc
  • Address any “Mistake” or “Substantial with admonitions” issues. These regularly come from clashing robot orders. One explained, make certain to approve your fix through the Coverage report.
  • See indexation patterns. Most destinations are ceaselessly including significant substance, so “Substantial” pages (otherwise known as those filed by Google) ought to relentlessly increment. Comprehend the reason for any sensational changes.
  • Select “Legitimate” and look in subtleties for the sort “Recorded, not submitted in sitemap”. These are pages where you and Google differ on their worth. For instance, you might not have presented your protection approach URL, yet Google has filed the page.
  • In such cases, there’s no moves to be made. What you should be paying special mind to are recorded URLs which come from poor pagination dealing with, poor parameter taking care of, copy substance or pages being accidently let alone for sitemaps.

XML Sitemap Checklist For Practice

  • Include hreflang tags
  • Submit the sitemap index to both Google Search Console and Bing.
  • Webmaster Tools Include only SEO relevant pages in XML sitemaps.
  • Fix all errors and warnings Analyze trends and types of valid pages.
  • Calculate submitted pages indexation rates Address causes of exclusion for submitted pages.
  • Include the and tags Compress sitemap files using gzip Use a sitemap index file.
  • Use image, video and Google news sitemaps only if indexation drives your KPIs Dynamically generate XML sitemaps.
  • Ensure URLs are included only in a single sitemap Reference sitemap index URLs in robots.txt

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