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With the blog commenting site list, you can create a powerful pool between communication and visitors. Every website needs the right SEO that can be popular among users visiting the search engine.
With the help of link building, you can get backlinks for the website and the blog commenting method can build such links.
Also, blog commenting helps you in increasing the popularity of your website and can also get the conversion of your products.
Blog comments are made for sites in which Bolg, Blogger, and Blog Reader are connected to each other and give instant journaling about the blog.
In this way readers and bloggers can talk to each other, where the reader can give his opinion about the blog and the blogger can also give his response and make him aware that this is the best way to attract visitors Is the way
There is a lot of blog commenting sites on the internet but all always choose high rank and follow blog commenting sites to create backlinks. DO follow backlinks link your blog to the website
Blog commenting helps you to bring more traffic to your blog or website.

Benefits Of Blog Commenting Sites

Benefits-Of-Blog-Commenting Sites List 2020

Blogs are commenting sites that help you establish your brand identity and make the website popular globally. It can increase website and blog traffic with the help of blog commenting.
Increase the conversion limit of a business with the help of blog commenting
The blog commenting sites offer follow all the backlinks that can pass the link on your website and blog.
With this help, you can create visibility towards the audience.
With this help, you can build a strong relationship with visitors and convert them into customers.
This can increase followers on social media
These are all blog commenting site benefits.
In this way, you can create a strong recognition of your brand in the world and make your brand popular everywhere in the world. These blog commenting sites comment on posts related to your brand to help them transform like you If you are doing business of vegetables, then you should comment on all vegetable business blogs. You also post details of your vegetable business in the comments. Can do
With the help of which you will get more targeted visitors and you can get good traffic to your website.

Social Media Blog Commenting Sites 2020 & High DA Digital Marketing

High-DA-Social-blog-commenting-Sites List 2020

Blog commenting is one of the best SEO techniques that work for digital marketing experts. On SEO Khazana you have some digital marketing blogs on which you can submit comments. You cannot easily get links back from these blogs but you can get them when you search for them in a natural way.

Neilpatel : DA 87
• RobbieRichards : DA 42
• Inspire to Thrive : DA 42
• : DA 40
• GotchSeo : DA 40
• ShoutMeLoud : DA 69
• Backlinko : DA 63

• : DA 53
• MelyssaGriffin : DA 58
• SmartBlogger : DA 57
• Mytechranker : DA 30
• Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog : DA 60
• SmartPassiveIncome : DA 67
• JustaGirlandHerBlog : DA 57
• : DA 58
• Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90
• Problogger : DA 78
• : DA 52
• DA 41
• : DA 54
• Matthew Woodward: DA 52
• Digitechnopost: DA 35

Free DA Health blog commenting site list 2020


ThankYourSkin HiveHealthMedia

High-Quality tech blogs site list for blog commenting 2020

We have added a list of the top technology blogs for blog commenting sites and this blog which is the top-rated wake blog in technology. And this blog which works to give links of good quality, so whatever your comments are, submit them on top of technology so that the natural backlink for the blog can be earned for your website.

Top 100+ Best High DA Do-Follow Blog Commenting Sites List In 2019

How To Get Dofollow Backlinks With Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a technique that works well to make your blog’s status better.
You can improve the ranking of your website or blog well when you use a good blog of Dofollow, so bloggers always put a pata of links that can give do-follow links and if you want to create dofollow backlinks to boost ranking You will surely like this article
The do-follow backlink was the first introduced by Google in 2005. The only purpose of making it was that there should be no spam in the search engine and the user can get good results. If you want to rank your competitor out and take high traffic along with the search engine, then you need to make do-follow backlinks
Dofollow links that are used are only for SEO purpose, therefore do-follow links are important and how can they be taken so that traffic can come from search engines
There are 4 ways to take a do-follow the link
Great content + email outreach
Guest blogging
Do a backlink analysis of competitors, then steal their do-follow links.
Publicity / PR to get brand exposure and receive natural links.


The first thing to do is to click on “Add Add Static HTML To Page”, then go to your Facebook page, click on the Welcome tab and click on the Setup tab simultaneously, then extract the text from Index.Html and add a code which is as follows

Types of blog commenting sites

  • Discuss comments
  • Comment Luv
  • Youtube Comments
  • Instant Approval Comments
  • facebook Comments


To create a backlink on blog commenting site, first of all open “Add Static HTML To Page”, then go to your Facebook page and click on the Welcome tab, then extract Index.Html from it and add another code To add
We have tried our best to tell you the extraordinary results of the list of sites in it, which is the most popular in 2020, for this you have to use an off page SEO strategy so that you can gain high authority backlinks on your site.

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