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In this article, there is a review on ceiling fans to feel the coolness in summer. You know about the ceiling fan, yet some general information has been given. You will read tips for buying advice and tips for getting good service. Also included in the article is the answer to your possible questions. This time, along with a review in the article, tips for buying and tips for use are also given.

Types of domestic fans

The fan has an important place in Indian families. There are many types of this. Following are the main ones

Ceiling Fan: As you know, such fans have been used in Indian homes for years. They are used by hanging on the roof of the house. You are reading Best Ceiling Fans in India.

Pedestal Fan: This type of fan is mounted on a metal rod. The base of the fan is large so that the fan remains balanced.

Cabin Fan: This type of fan is installed in the cabin of an office. They are placed at a height of about 6 to 8 feet on the wall of the cabin.
Table fan: These fans are run on a stool or table.

Types of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are of the following types for use at home –

Normal Ceiling Fan: These are normally three-bladed fans. These are operated with the help of a regulator. Indian homes have been used for years.

Decorative Ceiling Fan: This type of ceiling fan is decorative. They may have three, four or five blades. These are available in the market in various colours. best ceiling fans in India with the price is given in the index.

Smart Ceiling Fan: It is like a normal ceiling fan, but operates with a smart device. It is not very popular now.

High Speed ​​Ceiling Fan: Such wings have high speed. They are often small in size. But due to their high RPM, they give faster air.

Parts of Best Ceiling Fans in India (2020)

Internal parts of Fan:-

The ceiling fan does not have too many internal parts. They have a rotor and stator on the inside. The rotor in a normal motor acts as a stator. The stator, on the other hand, functions as a rotor. Childbearing is used to smooth the motor. It can be single or double.

Outer parts of Fan:-Ceiling fans have the following external parts:

  • Blade: It serves to convey air to us. These blades made of metal are made from special edges by turning them at special angles. Their number can be from three to five. But generally, the three-bladed ceiling fan is more prevalent.
  • Body of equipment: It is made of metal. Inside which the motor stays fit.
  • Condenser: It is attached to the body. By which the motor is turned. It has a major role in starting the fan.
  • Metal rod: With its help, the fan is hung. Its length can be from 10 to 15 inches. There are clamps on both ends, with the help of which the fan is attached to it. you are reading an article Best Ceiling Fans in India (2020).

Ceiling fan size:-

The length of the blade in a ceiling fan is the length of the ceiling fan. It is often measured in inches. Nowadays some companies show it in MM as well. The ceiling fan consists of blades ranging from 36 inches to 60 inches in length. The fan is chosen according to the room size.

RPM and Ceiling Fan:-

RPM means how many times the fan rotates in one minute per round. It is represented by RPM. The higher the RPM of a ceiling fan, the faster it will rotate. Powerful motors are required for high-speed wings. The RPM of the ceiling fan can range from 300 to 600. The RPM of the domestic fan is generally 400 to 600. High-speed fan’s RPM can be up to 700. But the higher the rpm, the higher the noise in the fan.

Power and regulator:-

The power of the fan is measured in watts. The higher the fan blade size, the greater the power. Ceiling fans usually range from 50 to 100 watts. The most popular 48-inch ceiling fan in the market is 70 to 75 watts. It can be said that the more the power, the more electricity will be spent.

The regulator is used to change the speed of a fan. It can be rotated at four or five different speeds. Nowadays small regulators are used. These fittings occupy less space on the board and are beautiful to look at.

Decorative Ceiling Fan:-

Nowadays many types of decorative ceiling fans are available in the market. It is in different colours. Many beautiful designs are made on their blades and body. They are used in drawing rooms, office waiting rooms, or in more moving locations.

Smart fan:-

Smart ceiling fan is also available in the market like a bulb. This can be operated from your mobile. You can operate them with Alexa or Google Echo. It is not very popular in Indian markets right now. This is an article on Best Ceiling Fans in India (2020).

Electricity charge:-

The power of this device is not very high. Therefore, they do not consume much electricity. The normal ceiling fan is 75 watts, it will not put a lot of weight on your bill. Nowadays electricity-saving ceiling fans have also become available in the market.

Maintenance and operation:-

Their maintenance is very simple, these years continue to work without interruption. Too much change in voltage can damage their motor or condenser. Additionally, the motor burns even when there is water inside the motor.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

1. Crompton Sea Wind best Ceiling Fan in India

The Indian company Crompton is known for its quality products. This 48-inch ceiling fan of the company is available in white colour. This fan with double balancing and aluminium body is available with 100 per cent copper winding. Its power is 70 watts and RPM 380. This 5-speed fan will give your room a cool summer. The company is giving 2 years warranty on it.

Advice: This ceiling fan of Crompton is suitable for normal size rooms. This fan with strong texture and attractive design can be purchased.

  • The famous brand
  • only 380 rpm
  • Attractive design
  • 2-year warranty

2. Usha Racer Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan Brown

The ceiling fan of the famous Indian brand Usha is 48 inches. Its RPM is 400. Its texture is very balanced, this fan available in red colour will enhance the beauty of your room. It can be operated in 5 different speeds. Its blades are balanced so that uniform air is available in the room. The company is giving a two-year warranty on it.

Advice: This attractive fan is available for a reasonable price. Its balanced design and confidence of the Indian people towards the brand are enough to buy. This is an article on Best Ceiling Fans in India (2020).

  • Established brand
  • more noise
  • Great Finishing
  • Limited Service Center
  • Copper binding

3. Havells Leganza Best Ceiling Fan

This 48-inch ceiling fan of Havells has 4 blades. The company has launched it in an attractive and robust design. Its RPM 350 and power is 72 watts. This fan is heavier due to having 4 blades. But the air circulation is very good. The company is giving 2 years warranty on it.

Advice: Airflow is very good due to the attractive design and 4 blades. It throws air around the room in a balanced manner. Therefore should be purchased. It is the best ceiling fan for the house.

  • 4 blade fan
  • only 350 rpm
  • Attractive
  • Dual Tone Heavier
  • Great finishing

4. Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

This 48-inch ceiling fan of the relatively new company Luminous is available in attractive dual-tone. It has RPM 350 and Air Delivery 230, it is very good in this segment. This fan of 75 watts power gives a well-balanced air in 5 speed. Its motor has a winding caper, which means that it will provide long service without any interruptions. The company is giving 2 years warranty on it.

Advice: This company is new, it has a lot of work to do in the ceiling fan business, although this fan is very attractive, it is also in the budget. But those who buy branded equipment may not like it?

  • Attractive strong body
  • limited-service point
  • Brand new aerodynamic body
  • Uniform Air Circulation

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan of Amazon is 48 inches. The company has launched it in brown colour. The RPM of this 66-watt fan is 380. Visually simple this ceiling fan is useful for you. 3 blades have been provided in it. Its double hair bearings allow very little sound in the wings. The blades are aerodynamically designed. Due to which it is able to flow air around the room. The fan can be operated in five speeds. The company is giving 2 years warranty on it.

Advice: This is Amazon’s inhouse product. Despite being normal in appearance, it is in your budget. RPMs are also quite good but in terms of durability is weaker than other established brands. But it can still be purchased due to its low price.

  • Aerodynamic design
  • simple design
  • 380 RPM
  • Limited Service Center
  • Low power consumption

6. Activa Apsra Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan of the relatively new brand Activa is 48 inches. Its RPM is 390. This would be called quite good RPM. The company has provided 3 excellent design blades in it. It has got ISI mark from Bureau of Indian Standards. Also, BEE gave it a 5-star rating. Which shows its quality. Such specifications do not even exist with established brands today. The company is giving a 2-year warranty on this product.

Advice: Its specifications motivate you to buy it. Other features are its low price and low weight. This should be given priority in case of buying more fans simultaneously. You are reading an article, Best Ceiling Fans in India.

  • High-Speed ​​Fan
  • Conventional Fan
  • 5-star rating
  • average design
  • ISI mark

7. Orient Electric Premium Ceiling Fan

Orient Ceiling Fan is not an introduction to the market. Many of its fans are available in Indian markets. The company makes products keeping in mind every customer. It is a premium grade ceiling fan. The fan has an RPM 310 of 48 inches bladed white color. It works at 62 volts. In this, the company has used high-quality material.

The design of the blade and fan has been made attractive. Its glossy finish and smooth airflow affects. You can operate it at 5 speeds. It is capable of throwing air into every corner of the room. The company offers a 2-year warranty on it.

Advice: Orients are bought by the company’s product name only. It is a premium product, somewhat more expensive than the company’s other models. But much better in durability and quality. Must be purchased Orient is known as the best ceiling fan in India.

  • Established brand
  • more price
  • High-quality material
  • Glassy finish

8. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan of Indian company Usha is of 1250 mm. Its RPM is 380. The company has launched it in the Indian market in beautiful design. This ceiling fan of Usha is a decorative item. It has three blades aerodynamical. You can operate it in 4 speed. The company is giving a 2-year warranty on this luxurious fan.

Advice: Usha is not interested in any introduction. Many of the company’s models are available in the market. It manufactures equipment to suit every customer segment. This is a decorative item. Will give grandeur to your drawing-room. Must buy

  • Famous Brand
  • Precious Equipment
  • Decorative Equipment
  • 4 Speed ​​Mode Only
  • Strong design

9. Atomberg Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan of Atomberg is of 1200 mm. In this, the company has installed three aerodynamic blades. You can operate it with the help of remote. This sealing fan of brown colour is similar in appearance to traditional feathers. Its motor binding is copper. Which makes it log life. Its RPM is 350. It consumes only 28 watts of power.

This will save you a lot of money throughout the year. Its brushless DC motor can also drive the fan on the inverter. Many functions of the remote are useful. It is capable of producing good coolness inside the room. The company is giving a 2-year warranty and an additional 1-year additional warranty.

Advice: This fan equipped with the latest design and features is useful for the house. Its report functions operate easily. can be purchased. You are reading an article, Best Ceiling Fans in India (2020). This is the best ceiling fan with remote.

  • Brushless Fan Brand New
  • Remote Available
  • Traditional Color
  • Modern design

10. Bajaj New Bahar Deco best Ceiling Fan in India

This 48-inch ceiling fan of Indian famous brand Bajaj is available in brown colour. The company has provided it with 73 watts of power and 380 rpm. Bajaj also takes care of every customer segment. Copper bindings have been used in this fan of the company. You can operate it in 5 speed. Double hair-bearing and strong texture make it better than other feathers. The company is giving a 2-year warranty on this product.

Advice: Bajaj’s wings are in high demand in Indian markets. Fans are bought more as they become available in the budget. Bajaj has also provided service stations at each place. Good buy. Bajaj is the best ceiling fan company.

  • Putative Brand
  • General Design
  • Available in budget
  • Good air delivery

11. LONGWAY Creta ANITDUST Ceiling Fan

This fan of the new company Lagway is 48 inches. Its RPM is 400. Its power is 50 watts. The company has provided packing of two wings simultaneously. Its anti-corrosion blade and the copper motor will provide good service for a long time. This fan blade with double hair bearings is made aerodynamic. This is a decorative fan, which is not produced even when running at high speed. It is getting a 2-year warranty.

Advice: Longway is a relatively new company, known for making decorative electric items. Can be purchased as available in the budget.

  • Heavy-duty motor
  • brand new
  • 400 RPM
  • Limited Service Center
  • Beautiful design

12. Atomberg Renesa Smart Ceiling Fan

This sealing fan of Atemberg is 48 inches, its power is 28 watts. It is the first smart ceiling fan in the Indian market, it can be run through a mobile application. The company has used high-quality dustproof material in it. It also saves electricity. It can also be used through an inverter. Its motor is powerful and has heavy-duty. A remote has also been provided with this.

It is designed by IIT Mumbai Alumni. It covers more area than other wings. Through this, air can be obtained in an area of ​​about 150 square feet. The company is giving 2 years warranty on this great item. Along with this, a 1-year Actant Warranty is also available.

Advice: Remotely available in this smart fan with modern features. Despite being more expensive than other wings, it saves electricity, it will reduce your cost in about 4 years, so definitely buy. This is the best smart fans in India

  • Great quality
  • expensive
  • High Power Motor
  • Limited Service Center
  • Extended Warranty Available

13. Seion Ceiling Fan Amaze Deco

It is a 24 inch 875 rpm high-speed fan. Its power is 67 watts. It is made of good quality aluminium. Its copper motor makes it durable. The company has launched it as a decorative item. It occupies less space but produces more shows. To give it balanced air, 4 blades are installed. The company is giving a 2-year warranty on this product.

Advice: This is a high-speed fan. The more noise it generates can disturb you. But it is preferred because it occupies less space and gives more air. So if you want to buy a small size ceiling fan, then this is for you. You are reading an article, Best Ceiling Fans in India (2020).

  • High rpm
  • spend more power
  • Durable design
  • makes more noise
  • Copper motor

14. Orient Electric Quasar Ornamental Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan of Orient is 24 inches. It is a high-speed fan, in which the company has installed 4 aerodynamic blades. It is available in dual-tone and consumes 70 watts of power. Being an RPM 850, it throws air very fast. The motor winding is copper and you can operate it at five speeds. Its texture is stronger and attractive than other cheap wings of this category. According to ceiling fan price list this is best for home.

Advice: Orient wings are known in the Indian market. But it also produces noise similar to other high-speed wings, so those who prefer a quiet environment may not like it. But it is a good buy for today’s young generation. Orient is best ceiling fan company.

  • Established brand
  • makes more noise
  • 850 rpm
  • High-quality material

15. Havells Nicola Fan

This ceiling fan is a high-quality item from a well-known company Havells. It is 24 inches in size and has an RPM 880. Great design and dual quality finish are its other features. It consumes 62 watts of power. In this, the company has used high-quality powder coatings, due to which its finish is worth seeing. This is a tool that works without any hindrance for a long period, the company is giving a good warranty of 2 years on it.

Advice: Havells Company is known for its strong and modern design equipment. This fan is a 24-inch high-speed electrical item, using good quality aluminium.

  • Famous brand
  • consumes more power
  • High RPM
  • Limited Service Center
  • High build quality

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